With the nicer weather there are going to more outdoor gatherings and fun times to be had and this means guests attending events. Some events are large with 500+ guests attending and others are smaller such as home parties, family reunions etc. If you find yourself planning an event with several guests you have likely considered what kind of lineups would be occurring if you rely on your home bathroom or if it’s at a venue that has no bathrooms you may be unsure of what you should do or haven’t even considered this part of the event planning. Not to worry, we have a variety and large number of portable toilets available to rent in Ottawa and surrounding areas to make sure that your event goes off without a hitch.

We have worked with events and gatherings of all sizes and shapes… well maybe not shapes but definitely we have setup portable toilets for events with as few as 5 guests all the way up to the thousands. Our portable toilets are clean and come equipped with everything you need. It is important that your guests attending your event feel comfortable and our portable toilet rentals in Ottawa will do exactly that – provide a safe and clean place to do their business at affordable rates.

If you are planning an event where food and drinks will be involved then it is a great idea to consider a portable toilet rental to provide somewhere close, clean and private for your guests to discard of any food and drink that they consume so they can continue to enjoy your event without having to leave early in search of a comfortable toilet. Your event location may have a single bathroom available but are you sure that this is sufficient for the number of guests? What if an emergency happens? It is always best to be prepared for these type of situations so that your event remains memorable.. in a good way!

Trusting in a single bathroom can be a threat and many can not enter their homes for a world that comes from outside. We do not need fret, we have it.

Carleton Environmental Services offers you the most suitable portable toilet rentals to help your perfectly planned event work smoothly. Do you need clean, well-equipped and even accessible portable toilets? We will be there to make sure you are prepared and have the proper accommodations for your guests – regardless of the size of your attendee list.

Bathrooms may seem like a little detail when planning events, but be assured that portable toilets are a critical luxury at outdoor events!

At Carleton Environmental Services, we want you to rethink your definition of portable toilets and the stigma around toilet cleanliness for events. In addition to providing comfort to your event guests, our portable toilet units are an excellent resource for keeping parties outside and preventing traffic inside.

Our portable toilet rentals are perfect for all kinds of events including:

  • Weddings
  • Graduation Parties
  • Family meetings
  • Custom events such as birthday parties, Bachelorette parties and baby showers etc.
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