Septic Maintenance Agreements

If the tank is not pumped out regularly, the sludge and/or scum layers will be drawn into the wastewater distributed to the tile bed, eventually overloading the system. After sufficient overload time, the tile bed will no longer be capable of distributing the wastewater into the ground, causing “breakouts”.

These are direct discharges of partially treated wastewater onto the ground surface. Sewage and its associated wastes will filter into the soil, contaminating everything it reaches.

If too much water is dumped in the tank, the tile bed will be overloaded with the same result, as well as the possibility of it backing up into your house.

If excess household chemicals, soaps, and detergents are washed into the septic tank, the bacterial action may be slowed or killed.

Leave the worrying to us and we will make sure your system is taken care of on time.



We will inspect your septic system to find problem areas and make recommendations that will ensure your septic system operates efficiently and correctly in order to increase/maintain the life expectancy of your system.

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